Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Bad Blogger

I am being a bad blogger, one of those ones who doesn't write for a week at a time. I don't think many people are reading this, but I know when I log onto the pages I read often and they haven't been updated (ahem, Nitpick), I feel so loooonely.

I also find that I stop writing just when I probably have the most to write about. Sometimes that makes sense when all of it has to do with work, which I've decided I will not be focusing on here for fear of being Dooced.

I got my new car, a Toyota Matrix XR, and I frigging love it. I have never had a brand new car before, and there is something that's just so delightful about it. I wonder when I will stop picking up every speck of dust that hits the floor, though. John's dad made the whole thing possible by coming out with us last weekend and acting as our official negotiator. He is entitled to a ride in the Matrix any time.

In more significant news, John started a new job today. I can't wait to hear how it went when we both get home. He was nervous this morning, I think, because he didn't even really want me to tell him good luck or anything. "Don't make a big deal about this!" So funny. I can't imagine what emotion was behind that one. I would want at least 350 "good luck" wishes before leaving the house to start a new job, but he's a man and men are mysterious.

We had drinks with his now former coworkers last night, and it was a bitchfest the likes of which I have rarely seen. One of his buddies was actually banging his fist on the bar. That place appears to be self-destructing, so it's a really good thing John checked out. Last week, they took away the employees' summer hours, and get this - their use of the company kitchen. Just locked the thing up. I couldn't believe that. Is that supposed to increase productivity?

I am going to a Passover seder at the Rabbi's house tomorrow night, and it's a little nerve-wracking. I am not Jewish, and not a meat-eater. I am just hoping it doesn't turn into a tremendous flop-sweat party for me. It should be very interesting, and I'm so honored to be invited, but I'm nervous. Part of the whole tradition is a reminder to Jewish people to be kind to strangers, so maybe that will work in my favor. I'm sure, actually, that it will be a good time, but it's definitely a new and different experience.

I had a wild and crazy weekend, beginning with a dinner party on Friday night that came with a LOT of sangria-filled fun. It was a birthday party for my friend Matt, whose picture is down there in my archives somewhere, and our friends Nicole and Nathanael come down from NYC to join all of us in the celebration. Frankly, I can't remember what I did on Saturday, but Sunday John and Caitlin and I went to a concert at Convention Hall in Asbury Park - Coheed and Cambria. John's brother Steve came out with a couple of friends, who were totally rad, and we proceeded to drink too much and have a lot of fun. Caitlin used to work at CH, so we spent a lot of time running from place to place to see her old coworkers. Oddly enough, her very controversial ex-boyfriend just happened to be standing right next to our group in the crowd. Coincidence?

In comparison, this week so far has been rather dull, aside from various work-related frustrations, which I won't get into here except to say this: Politics. Blech.

But it's back to work for me for now.


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