Monday, March 27, 2006


House mania continues, as our neighbors Rob and Crystal have caught the fever and identified a house last night. We took a second look at ours with my parents over the weekend, and it's even better than we remembered. I had completely forgotten the laundry room/man room. I don't know what else to call a room with a tool bench in it, packed with tools that neither John nor I would know how to use.

The people we are buying from are unbelievably cute; they're convinced that our appearance at their home last week was somehow related to fate, saying things like, "you guys are just like we were 33 years ago." We're allowing that narrative to continue in their minds since it will hopefully create a nice peaceful transition for all of us. They have even offered to leave some of their stuff for us - furniture, etc. Considering the fact that we live in a one-bedroom place now, that could be very helpful.

My parents loved it, and my stepdad said the inspection should be a breeze because the current owners have been constantly renovating and updating. John and I can't wait to move in there.

Oh, also, my sister called last week to tell me that she would like me to be Alexis' godmother, so I'm going to do that. She's being christened in a Catholic church, and I am not Catholic, so that might be a little strange, but I'm honored to do whatever Melissa would like. I'd really like to see this niece of mine soon, too. I really wish they lived closer.

I haven't told my sister about the house yet, partially because I am afraid she's going to get on my case because I was talking about going to work in NYC at some point and she wouldn't want me to give that up if I didn't really want to. Also, she was once engaged and bought a house in the same town, and ended up calling off the wedding. So it's kind of weird. But I'll tell her when I talk to her again. I've kind of dropped the whole NYC thing for a number of reasons, some of which actually have to do with my pursuing other dreams, and I think she'll get that.

I'm off to get some lunch now since I'm no longer alooooooone in the office, as I have been all morning.


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