Monday, March 13, 2006

Hoopty Needed

This really will be a quick one. My car situation has progressed, in that it's totaled, and in that I looked at a couple different options for replacements over the weekend. Right now my options are leasing a Chevy Cobalt (improbable at this point), buying a Honda Civic, or going into the realm of subcompact with a Honda Fit or Toyota Yaris. Cool little cars. Little, little cars.

But my real problem is what to do in the meantime. I can't rent a car every day because it's really frigging expensive, and I can't share with John all the time because it's just not practical (and because something is wrong with his car too), so I either have to solve this very quickly (which won't be possible if i want to go with the subcompacts) or find an interim solution, like an old clunker nobody wants for $500.

Check out the Yaris and Fit, though. Fun!

We had a Sopranos party at Rob and Crystal's last night. I brought the vegetarian meatballs and... er... gravy. It was a good time, and I can't wait to see next week's episode. The best theory I have heard so far is that what we saw last night was actually the end of the season, and the next episode will take us back in time.

OK gotta go pick John up at work now.


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