Wednesday, March 15, 2006


I'm going to try to post an entry that has nothing to do with my car. How about that? Everyone (and by everyone, I mean all the imaginary people reading this) sick of hearing about that whole ordeal?

So let's go on to the next thrilling topic: illness. I'm feeling completely loopy today as a result of what I guess is a cold, and the medicine I am taking. "MAY CAUSE DIZZINESS." By dizziness, they mean stupidity. I couldn't process a thought to save my life in the last 24 hours, and I am whiny and generally unpleasant. Oh, and I have a cold sore on my face, which added to the list makes me HOT. I managed to get out of both my meetings today, thank god, and out of going to Trenton tomorrow too. I think it actually makes more sense for me to be at the office tomorrow anyway since we're going to be fielding a lot of press calls. Win-win.

It's gone from balmy to blustery in NJ since yesterday, and in my state I really just want to be at home under a blanket. I was up early this morning to take John's car to be looked at (oh, no more about cars!), and I did have some time to whine (to myself) at home when I got back, so that's something nice to think back to all day while I sit by my drafty window at work. It was so nice having that window for the warm weather, but this stuff? Not so much. It's super windy, and that hurts my frigging face. Vitamins, start working!

This weekend John and I are going to his uncle's wedding in North Jersey. This will be the first time John has had to be in a wedding - he's reading something from 1 Corinthians I believe. He was really nervous about it at first, and not sure if he should accept, but I told him that his uncle's asking him to do it is a real honor, and a demonstration of how much his uncle loves him. It would be sad to say no. So he's doing it, and I can't wait to see that. I don't know if he's ever spoken in public at all, but it will be good practice for him because I am betting he's going to have to make a best man speech for his brother at some point. I was pretty terrified doing that for my sister, and I have to speak in meetings, etc. all the time. As a software developer, John doesn't really do too much of that.

I really, really hope I'm feeling (and looking) better by this weekend. I definitely don't need my cold sore memorialized in family photos.


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