Tuesday, February 28, 2006

This is my friend Matt looking very silly, but the picture is so typically him that I couldn't resist. I've known Matt since I was 11 years old, and he remains one of my favorite people.

And here is Matt with his wife, Jessica. I am so lucky that my two best friends from high school married each other. Jessica has been a partner in crime and a in fun for me since we were about 16. For the two years before that we didn't like each other. For no reason at all.

That's me with the ears on the left, but more importantly there is Joe in the middle, and Caitlin (aka Cakers) on the right. Joe and I met in study hall in 1993, and I begged him to try out for the school play when there weren't enough guys to make a good cast. He agreed, and the rest is history. Look how tantastic he looks in this photo taken on the water taxi! Cakers is Jessica's sister, but I like to just call her my friend. She was around for a lot of our high school hijinks, including a living room wrestling match in which I bit her toe. Caitlin and I have always understood each other pretty well, and I love her for her sincere and spunky personality. Posted by Picasa


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